“Satellite Sky pounds out pure unadulterated rock. There’s so much chemistry between the band members it’s no surprise to learn they are siblings. Kim Kicks is absolutely lethal on the drums and I’ve never seen anyone drum quite so passionately.” Cambell Klose, music.com.au

Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, they began creating music in true rock n roll fashion in the confines of the family garage and quickly became known for putting on the wildest parties in the neighbourhood. After receiving several visits from the police who informed them that their thundering rock was keeping up the neighbours, they graduated to recording in music studios and performing live on stage.

Their catchy riffs and electrifying stage presence have landed them licensing opportunities in Film, T.V and international commercial campaigns and numerous tours across the globe!

Welcome to Satellite Sky!

“Bleary Eyed Fashion…I thought this song sounded really cool, I like the idea of it!” Henry Rollins, KCRW. 

“Their infectious power pop-punk manages to be both original and reminiscent of both the best punk (The Clash, etc.) and the melodic sensibilities, energy, and personality of eighties pop. I don’t see much (or any) of this when I see and hear the contemporary acts that come through the Greek” (theater). – Jeff Falk, The Greek Theater